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We believe that business principles, values and ethics enable a business’s success. At CDC we are committed to upholding the following Principles:

Clients First

Our clients' interests always come before ours. Always. If we serve our clients well, our success will follow.

Honesty & Integrity

Through an M&A process or the raising of capital, our clients are making significant business decisions. Trust is fundamental in this process, and the highest standards of honesty and integrity are the foundation upon which this trust is built. Our reputation is our most precious asset. We are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of integrity in all aspects of our business. We will comply with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws and regulations, and continually strive to exceed established ethical standards governing our business.

Quality & Professionalism

We strive to ensure that our work product and behavior is of the best quality and professionalism. We know that the quality of our work and our business behavior will reflect back on you, our client, and we take this obligation very seriously.


We are passionately committed to providing you with excellent service in everything we do. We work with our clients to fully understand their situation and needs and strive to exceed their expectations.


We believe that the personal and business information you share with us needs to remain confidential and all of our actions during the process are consistent with this belief.

Value and Performance

Bottom line, nothing really matters unless the job is done to the client’s satisfaction and at the best value. We strive to exceed your expectations.


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