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Turnaround, Crises and Growth Management Consulting.........Corporate Development Capital’s business consulting group is very experienced in assisting companies that are working through a crises or hyper growth cycle. CDC can work with ownership or management to accurately analyze the challenge at hand, and effectively communicate a proposed plan of action. This includes in-depth feasibility studies for possible expansion or new product initiatives. We can meet with you confidentially and suggest how we might help. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Business Plans.....Every company, regardless of size and complexity, should have a regularly updated formal business plan. The structure of the plan will vary somewhat depending upon its uses. Most plans prepared by Corporate Development Capital are used in securing capital from investors and lenders and are usually also accompanied by our Intermediary Services.

CDC provides a comprehensive business plan consulting service that includes site visits, ownership and management interviews, and a feasibility study with an analysis of competitors. It includes detailed pro forma balance sheets, operating projections and cash flow statements.

This business plan will then serve as an ongoing road map that will be used to chart the progress of the venture and to identify shortfalls and problems at an early stage. The plan can then be used to secure properly structured and adequate financing.

Our experience, expertise and independent approach will bring a degree of comfort to prospective investors and lenders. Ownership and management will find that our services will help stimulate and develop new ideas and approaches and help in refining goals and strategies.

We can explore your company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities from a new and independent viewpoint and offer ideas and changes that might otherwise be overlooked. We can analyze competitors’ products and services and assist in developing a marketing plan.

Management should be prepared to spend a substantial amount of time in support of this effort. For existing companies it will be necessary to provide complete historical operating information showing how actual performance has measured up to past projections and budgets. For new ventures it will be important to substantiate and validate all of the assumptions used in constructing the plan and the projections.

The plan can be generated in a powerful multimedia format to be used for road-show presentations for prospective lenders and investors. It can also be prepared in a format that can be presented via CD and Internet, including a professional audio narrative.

A well prepared, logical and believable business plan is essential for securing capital as well as for managing the day to day and long term operations of the company. It is the road map for every major decision that is made in shaping the success and future of the company. It must also envision the final chapter, the ultimate profitable exit from the enterprise.

Valuations.....Corporate Development Capital can help you accurately determine the value of your company. A business valuation is not an asset appraisal. It is an independent study of an ongoing business, as of a certain date, that will help determine a company’s fair market value. Each business is different and requires a set of valuation parameters that are relevant to it.

The valuation must be able to survive any challenge by containing adequate backup and by utilizing proper methodology. Our studies involve an in depth analysis of all of the key elements affecting the value of the company. Our reports are well structured and present the facts and conclusions in an organized and easy to read presentation.

Typical uses for Corporate Development Capital’s Business Valuations are:

  • Financings and Recapitalizations
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-offs
  • Sale or Purchase of a Business
  • Partner or Shareholder or Divorce Buyouts
  • Fairness Opinions

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